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Pat and Peggy Pritzl teamed up to literally get me back on my feet again.

Knowledgeable, professional, caring and courteous, both Pat and Peggy worked together to create a customized rehabilitative therapy that delivered results. Even my surgeon was pleased with my results.

Thank you to Pat, Peggy and the whole Pritzl Physical Therapy Team.

PS Even the billing and insurance paperwork went smoothly.

I have been to PPT several times for various injuries.  I would not recommend anyone else to assist in rehab.  They truly care about every patient and want the best recovery.

You work hard but it is worth all of the time and money spent. I was back to work in record time. (I have a job were I am on my feet upwards of 16 hours a day)  My foot feels great!

Thank you for helping me get back on my foot.

Tracy Morgan

I had a sports injury, a torn ACL. My doctor who is one of the best surgeons in the LA area recommended Pritzl Physical Therapy. Pat and Peggy knew exactly what I needed to get me back in shape after such a devastating injury.

Pat takes such genuine care in his patients, creating a hard working and fun to be in atmosphere. Using time tested practices combined with the latest trusted developments, they had me back in a matter of months.

I still stop in from time to time to see how they’re doing. Heck, they even treated former Laker great, Byron Scott.

If you have a sports related injury or require any type of physical therapy, I highly recommend Pritzl Physical Therapy in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


Michael James
Huntington Beach, CA.

On January 15th, 2013, I had emergency back surgery. My surgeon highly recommended Pritzl Physical Therapy in order to rehabilitate and strengthen my back and core during recovery.

Pat instantly knew what I needed and how to approach my condition. His knowledge and experience shined through with each appointment and my recovery was nothing less than amazing thanks to his efforts and the actions of his friendly staff.

I hadn’t been in any kind of decent shape since I was an athlete in high school (over 30+ years ago). But Pat understood and provided just the right program for me to follow, pushing my body when necessary, yet making sure that my recovery was never too intense or overly demanding to the point of possible re-injury.

If you have a sports injury, surgical recovery or require any type of physical rehabilitation, I highly recommend the wonderful professionals and facilities at Pritzl Physical Therapy.


Kirk R. Gross

Television Writer/Producer/Director

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Inadequate words (Thank You)! Pat and Peggy Pritzl of Pritzl Physical Therapy have worked, what I call miracles with my old body. To say “thank you” to them would only embarrass me.

Throughout the years, I’ve broken bones, torn rotator cuffs, had knee replacements and back injuries which I never thought would never work again. With their experience of working with people in pain, and the assistance of staff, patience and constant encouragement, they have returned good health to me, in spite of my protests.

Whenever a doctor suggests physical therapy, I always ask they prescribe, Pritzl Physical Therapy. The family atmosphere and closeness you feel at their practice really helps keep you motivated when working to feel better.

Good luck in your recuperation to good health.
Goldee Cortese, San Juan Capistrano resident.

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